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Incense Man Newsletter, Friday 21st February 2020

What's new, what's back (and fresh) in stock, a new special offer, our Top Five bestsellers... and your free bonus giveaway!


It's finally Friday

What a busy week it has been. Our son had a wonderful birthday but sadly got hurt in the face at his soft play party which lead to a terrible nose bleed and clothes covered in blood! Thankfully he was okay after a while and was happy to join in all the fun.


Let's start talking about Incense Man.

The new website has been live since the 14th Feb 2020, we have had a few orders come through, thank you all for all your support.

The developer is still adding products, due to the number of products this is taking a lot longer then we anticipated. If you cannot find what your looking for then please refer to the old website, which I will keep running for a while.

We have a few new lines only on the new website, go and check them out.

Old Website (Live): www.incense-man.co.uk

New Website (live from 14th Feb 2020): www.incensetree.co.uk

Eventually, everything will be Incense Man :)

Here are a few updates regarding stock.

The following are out of stock:

Poojan Chandan dhoop sticks We cannot find these anywhere, hoping to find a supplier soon

Mysore Sandal Talc 100g We still have 50g bottles available, if you order 100g we will send you two 50g bottles.

Good news, back-in-stock items:

Sugandha Shringar incense sticks These have been flying off the shelf, may need to replenish again soon.

Om Nagchampa incense sticks A steady seller, the wholesale price has gone up but we have decided to take on the cost and not pass it on to all you lovely people.

Hamam neem oil, tulsi and aloe vera soap

Mysore Sandal Gold soap

Adi-Guru Pure-incense natural temple-grade incense sticks, Frankincense, 10g

These items are only available on our new website www.incensetree.co.uk

Goloka Chandan Incense Cones

Goloka Patchouli Incense Cones

The Laughing Buddhaa range

Books Take a look on the website


Right, let's get back to business. Here are the brief edited highlights of some of the more noteworthy dates from around the world during the next two weeks... with (as always) my apologies for any errors or omissions...


21st February - Maha Shivaratri is a famous Hindu festival celebrated each year in reverence of Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and regeneration.

A Shivaratri is celebrated on the 13th night and 14th day of every lunar month. The Shivaratri in the month of Falgun (Phalguna) - the last month of Hindu calendar - is Maha Shivaratri which means "the Great Night of Shiva". It takes place just before the arrival of Spring, usually in February or March in the Western calendar.

It is celebrated across India and is a holiday in most states and it is also a public holiday in Mauritius and Nepal.

23rd February - Defence of the Fatherland Day, may also be called 'Defence of the Motherland Day'.

The holiday honours those who are currently serving in the Armed Forces and those who have served in the past.

24th February - Losar is Tibetan New Year and marks the start of the Tibetan year which is based on a 12 lunar month calendar. The day it falls on is very close to the date of the Chinese New Year. The date each year is determined by astrologers based in Dharmsala, India.

The Tibetan calendar is in use throughout the Himalayan region and the New Year is a public holiday in Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. It is a regional holiday in the state of Sikkim in India.

25th February Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras and Pancake Tuesday, the Tuesday before Lent is the last chance to feast for 40 days.

Shrove Tuesday gets its name from the practice of 'shriving', an older term for the practice of confession. Before the onset of Lent, Christians would confess and receive forgiveness from sins so that they could enter Lent guilt-free.

This evening would be an opportunity for families to eat certain foods that would be banned during Lent, such as Meat, Eggs, Flour, Milk and fatty foods.

25th February - Mardi Gras takes place on the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, the 40 day period that precedes Easter.

As the date of Easter changes, each year so does the date of Mardi Gras. The earliest date Mardi Gras can be is Tuesday 3rd February and the latest date is Tuesday, March 9th.

Mardi Gras is a legal state holiday in Louisiana. In Alabama, it is a holiday in Baldwin and Mobile Counties only.


OK, that takes us up to the date of our next scheduled newsletter in two weeks time... Lets take a look at the top 5 seller for the last 2 weeks./font>

Top 5 best sellers....
Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa I don't think this will ever be moved from the top position.
Nitiraj Original incense sticks are hand-rolled in India from a "masala" blend of the finest natural oils, resins, gums, sandalwood powder, aromatic herbs and spices.  
Goloka Nagchampa masala incense sticks. Hand-rolled in Bangalore, the incense capital of India, these superb masala agarbathi contain only the finest organic ingredients and no animal products. They come in boxes holding 16g, which averages about fourteen or fifteen 8" (20cm) sticks. And a stick burns for a long time... approximately 55 - 60 minutes, depending on conditions.  
Golden Nag Chandan and Golden Nag Patchouli are two of the great incense varieties produced by Vijayshree Fragrance in Bangalore, the incense capital of India.
Woods natural masala incense sticks are a highly sought-after, premium-quality incense variety, which have been very difficult to find in the UK... until now!.

Of course, as always, the Incense Man newsletter wouldn't be complete without a free giveaway, and as usual this one lasts for two weeks, until the next edition of the newsletter. You'll find all the details a little further down the page. But remember, this free bonus offer is ONLY available to you as a registered email recipient of the newsletter...

Free Bonus Give Away...

To keep with tradition we are also going to give away a FREE pack of Goloka Chandan Dhoop Cones worth £1.49 for all orders over £15 excluding Postage & Package.


Well, that's it for now, but please feel free to browse around the rest of the Incense Man website to check out the full range available, including all the ongoing special offers...

Yours fragrantly...

Leena, Incense (Wo)Man

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