Mysore Super Sandal premium-quality concentrated Indian sandalwood attar (perfume oil)


This premium-quality Indian sandalwood attar (concentrated perfume oil) represents excellent value - we keep the price down by importing the oil in bulk from India, and bottling it ourselves in simple glass bottles. (Why pay more for fancy packaging and an expensive gift box?)

Unlike many cheaper sandalwood perfumes, Mysore Super Sandal oil is NOT diluted with alcohol or water, so the fragrance is strong and very long lasting. Plus it's completely natural, with no animal ingredients... and of course it's not tested on animals.
Mysore Super Sandal attar is a great unisex perfume - suitable for both men and women - and its fragrance is wonderfully smooth, warm and calming.

A bottle contains 10ml of premium-quality concentrated sandalwood perfume oil... and you only need to use a little, so a bottle should last a long time. Concentrated perfume oil - for external use only. Keep out of reach of children.