Oil burner & fragrance oil starter pack


An inexpensive way to sample the delights of fragrance oils... and save money too!
The oil burner and fragrance oil starter pack also makes an ideal gift - and contains everything you need to get started straight away
You'll receive: An easy-to-use one-piece ceramic oil burner, 4 x 15ml bottles of Incense Man's fragrance oil (1 each of Nag Champa, Lavender, Jasmine, and Sandalwood) and a box of 9 tea-light candles. (Style of burner may differ slightly from that shown in the photo. Subject to availability, the choice of fragrance oils provided may alter.)
Half fill the bowl on the top of the oil burner with water, and add a few drops of fragrance oil. Place a tea-light in the base of the oil burner, light it, and as the water warms up and evaporates the oil, sit back and enjoy the aroma!