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Mindful Living Journal by Katie Rose

The Concept of the Mindful Living Journal
Uncover your greatest capacity for compassion and wisdom through the pages of the Mindful Living Journal. Connection to creativity, self-reflection and developing mindfulness are all sparked by the practice of journaling.

When you give words to what you are thinking, feeling and dreaming up you develop a process for self-awareness. Journaling provides an accessible personal growth tool that supports a deep dive into the world of understanding yourself, manifesting your dreams and setting clear intentions. Explore your creative truth through the meditations, prompts, prayers, rituals and spiritual and awaken a new way of living.

Steady Foundations
Living a life of compassion and kindness is the highest spiritual ideal. In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit (the yogi’s language) this is called ahimsa. Although we can apply ahimsa to ourselves the usual application is towards others; the yogi prioritises offering loving kindness to others. How can you amplify ahimsa in your life to become a more compassionate person.

The mind as best friend: Think happy, be happy; or as one of my first yoga teachers, Simon Low, says: ‘Where the mind goes, energy flows.’ Pay attention to what you put into your mind in terms of the media you consume; violent and scary movies, for example, leave an imprint in your psyche. What type of media uplift and inspire you? What leaves you feeling drained?

Natural Living. Do you spend a lot of time in nature? Are there ways you could be more connected to the natural world?

Big Dreams, Small Dreams. THOUGHTS - Where do your thoughts hold you back? Do you get stuck in repeated stories or chatter in your mind? Do you shut down and get numb? How would you like to transform your thinking?

How to Use your Journal
Journaling can really help you with achieving goals. If you can’t imagine a future possibility or put words to it then it will be much harder to manifest. You can start small and get bigger; for instance, you might start with tweaking your morning routine to include more connection to your spiritual self and less rushing. Journal a small list of changes such as getting up 10 minutes earlier to meditate, making time for breakfast or pausing to set an intention. This approach can then be amplified to much bigger goals such as attracting an intimate partner into your life who is aligned with your values and dreams or taking your career to the next level.

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