Of God and Gin

by Book

Sally is an ex-lawyer with a no-nonsense approach. However she can't deny the extraordinary experiences that have assailed her throughout her life.

Come with her on her journey through the life, the experiences and the meditation practices which have facilitated them. It's quite a ride.

With clear-sightedness and humour Sally explores the 'what and why' of various meditation practices including Mindfulness. She explains their ease or difficulty and shows the thread of spaciousness that runs through all of them. Sally will talk you through each practice so that with practical, hands-on experience you can see for yourself what works for you.

After experiencing the non-existence of herself, her Buddhist teacher told Sally that she should withdraw from the world, 'take the robes' and become a nun now.

Sally's typical robust response was to say no, because she still enjoyed a gin and tonic.