Incense Man's budget fragrance oils 15ml


In round glass bottles containing 15ml, these very affordable budget-priced fragrance oils can be used in lots of ways...
Of course, you can use them in the usual way in an oil-burner or diffuser... but you can also add a few drops to the molten wax on the top of a burning candle, or to refresh pot-pourri.

OR you can add a few drops to your bath... or even rub a little on your pulse-points, as a gentle perfume. (Don't worry, none of the ingredients have been tested on animals.)

Seven classic fragrances to choose from: Cannabis, Jasmine, Lavender, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tibetan Musk and Ylang-ylang.

(Please note that, subject to availability, the oil supplied may be the Incense Man brand - as shown - or Emporium brand.)