The Mother's IndiaFragrances incense - mini-sticks gift box


The Mother's India incense is made from pure natural ingredients, hand-rolled by the ancient masala method. It's a premium-quality fair-trade product, made at Pondicherry in South-eastern India. The end result is a light and clean-burning incense of exceptional quality. It's available in TWELVE captivating fragrances... but which one should you choose?
If you like the sound of The Mother's India incense sticks, but aren't sure which fragrances you'll enjoy the most, this great-value gift box should provide you with the answer to your question...
The gift box contains 4 mini sticks (which burn for around 30 minutes) of each of the twelve The Mother's India fragrances: Aditi, Amrita, Ganesh, Lila, Meera, Om, Oudh, Prem, Rishi, Sattva, Shanti Nagchampa, and Yoga. Try all twelve and discover your favourite!

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