Bring Me Energy - Incense and Crystal Bundle


This ENERGY kit is a great starter pack, it will help you feel energised. The Egyptian Musk incense is made from a blend of natural masala and perfumes to help set the mood to uplift your energy.

The kit comes with 3 great crystals to help promote different aspects to encourage the power within to be elevated.

Clear Quartz Wand - Helps with clarity and focus, great at pushing negative energy away and promote positivity

Aquamarine Tumble Stone - Promotes peace, relieves stress and cools your temper

Rose Quartz Tumble Stone - A great stone for Self Love, positivity, relieves anxiety and Love in general

Each kit comes with...

1 Scent Space Egyptian Musk Incense pack 20 stick

1 Clear Quartz Wand 6cm Approx.

1 Aquamarine Tumble Stone 2-3cm

1 Rose Quartz Tumble Stone 2-3cm

All crystal products contain natural variations and will vary from the image shown.