Camphor Tablets

Camphor tablets are made from a white substance from the camphor tree. Camphor is used extensively in India for regular and occasional poojas.

Camphor is being used for ages to promote a healthy vibrant ambiance filled with vitality and freshness. Ancient Indian masters have advocated the use of burning camphor tablets to promote mental relaxation and increase the mental faculties.

The best quality camphor present in these containers will bring the dual effects of purifying fire and natural fragrance to create positive vibes in the atmosphere. When you need to meditate or contemplate in worship the purifying effects of camphor provides the perfect means as it is natural.

Use Top Op camphor with this pure purpose in mind and it will give you the mental calm you seek. Regular use of Top Op camphor will let you feel the uniqueness of the product and promote great peace of mind and build a positive ambiance.