Help Me Cleanse - Incense and Crystal Bundle


This CLEANSING starter kit comes with White Sage, the number one item used for cleansing. The crystals with help with the cleansing process, while protecting you and calming your energies.

The kit comes with 3 great crystals to help promote different aspects to encourage the power within to be elevated.

Green Aventurine Wand - Promotes Well being and Emotional calmness

Tiger's Eye Tumble Stone - Helps with Anxiety, Protects against negative energy and can give the user good luck

Black Obsidian Tumble Stone - A great stone when cleansing, also offers the user protection from negative energy

Each kit comes with...

1 Scent Space White Sage Incense pack 20 stick

1 Green Aventurine 6cm Approx.

1 Tiger's Eye Tumble Stone 2-3cm

1 Black Obsidian Tumble Stone 2-3cm

All crystal products contain natural variations and will vary from the image shown.