Tibetan Incense sticks | Ancient brand | Spikenard (Pang Poe) | 30 sticks and stick holder


Spikenard (Pang Poe) fragranced Tibetan Incense sticks by Ancient

Spikenard (Pang Poe) is one of the best herbs for Vata Dosha in the Ayurvedic medicinal system. It is used to control the nerves and a mind that is out of balance. It is excellent support for blood circulation, helping to regulate the heart.

Spikenard or Pang Poe is a class of aromatic amber-colored essential oil derived from Nardostachys Jatamansi, a flowering plant of the Valerian family which grows throughout the Himalayas. The oil has been used over centuries as a perfume, a traditional medicine, or in religious ceremonies across a wide territory, time and peoples. This includes ancient India, classical Egyptians and The Romans.

These sticks come wrapped in a handmade Lokta paper tube with a small wooden incense burner. Lokta paper is made from the fibrous inner bark of evergreen Daphne family shrubs. This artisan activity and the product is indigenous to Nepal, so is entirely appropriate and suitable for these Incense sticks. fits these Incense sticks.

30 Sticks, string-tied in a roll, inside a Lokta paper tube
A small stick holder is included
Net Weight of Incense is approx. 35 grams
Approx. 110mm Long each - approx. 4.5 inches
Approx. 45-60 min burn time each
100% natural ingredients sourced from all over the Himalayan region and beyond
Handmade in Nepal