Bharath Darshan sticks

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Now you can save even more money on Bharath Darshan incense sticks, one of our best-selling varieties of genuine Indian incense...

Bharath is the Sanskrit name for ancient India... and means "the land where the people are attached to God".

Darshan  is also a Sanskrit word... meaning to see and be seen by a deity or holy person, or to make a pilgrimage to a sacred place.

So Bharath Darshan, roughly translated, means something like Pilgrimage to Ancient India.

Bharat Darshan incense sticks are made in Bangalore by the Asoka Trading Co, and come packed in a hexagonal box.

The fragrance is a light, subtle mix of (among other things) sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla... described on the packet as "fragrance which spreads, freshens the mind and atmosphere."

This BIG VALUE pack consists of 12 boxes - and each box contains (on average) 20 nine inch sticks, which burn for about 35 - 40 minutes each.

JUST £12.49 per pack of 12 boxes