HEM Champa sticks

by HEM

Hem Champa Masala Incense Sticks have a very warm, woodsy, sweet and a little spicy aroma which is rich and strong, at the same time not too overwhelming.

The fragrance resonates with a strong traditional incense fragrance which was made out of rich extracts, resins, and oils.

The flowery fragrance is mostly associated with worship and offerings and hence, they are widely used during various religious traditions and rituals.

Hem Champa Masala Incense sticks are hand-rolled with care and contain natural ingredients making them safe and fit for any setting or occasion.

HEM Champa incense features:

  • Stick count per box will be 20
  • Sticks are approx. 228mm or 9 inches long
  • Burn time per stick is 30 minutes on average
  • The box size is 250mm (L) and 30mm (D)
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients are used in HEM incense