Panchavati Dhoop sticks


Panchavati® Dhoop sticks (small) - pack of 12 boxes

Dhoop sticks are solid sticks of incense, without the central bamboo / wooden core, so they provide a purer fragrance than normal incense sticks.

These Panchavati Dhoop sticks sticks are made by the Bharat Industrial Corporation (BIC) of Bangalore (the incense capital of India) using - to quote what it says on the box - "famous herbs, resinoids, sandalwood, and other best-quality Indian perfumes".  That doesn't really tell you what they smell like, so I'd describe their fragrance as a very potent musky lotus, with overtones of red sandalwood. 

Each box contains 10 little 2 inch (5cm) sticks, each of which burns for around 20 minutes. And the box is cleverly designed to incorporate a holder - as you can see in the photo - so you can carry it with you and use it anywhere!

A pack contains 12 boxes - so that's 120 dhoop sticks - and represents excellent value for money.


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