The Mother's India Fragrances - Shanti Nag Champa


The Mother's India incense is made from pure natural ingredients, hand-rolled by the ancient masala method. It's a premium-quality fair-trade product, made at Pondicherry in South-eastern India. The end result is a light and clean-burning incense of exceptional quality. It's available in TWELVE captivating fragrances... but which one should you choose?

Shanti Nag champa
 - A pure honey and mattipal resin base, blended with rose and jasmine, gives this fragrance its full and sweet scent. Its roots lay in the traditional temple fragrance of India, so  it's ideal for use in meditation, or just for unwinding and relaxing.

The Mother's India Oudh features:

  • Burn time per stick is up to 60 min on average
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients are used
  • 20 sticks per pack