Sandalwood Luxury Indian Incense - 10 Hand Rolled Sticks by Sacred Elephant


Sandalwood Luxury Indian Incense Sticks - Smooth, graceful, fresh and lively.

Smooth woody notes throughout, makes this a luxurious and exotic fragrance. Sandalwood is the most famous and traditional of scents – being used very widely in Incense and other aromatic products, such as perfumes. Many ancient cultures and religions world-wide have used Sandalwood for its calm, graceful and harmonious properties.


  • 10 Sticks per box
  • Each stick weighs approx. 1 gram
  • And is approx. 200m long (8 inches)
  • Burn time per stick is between 40 & 45 minutes on average
  • Guaranteed Vegan with pure essential oils
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients
  • Ethically produced in India

The entire Sacred Elephant range of Luxury Indian Incense contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients

All Sacred Elephant Incense Sticks are made using only the best natural essential oils and resins. Every part of the process from the production of the scents, the blending, the rolling of the final stick and the final packaging is done by hand. They guarantee that all ingredients are produced in a fair-trade manner free from any exploitation, are 100% free from any chemicals and carcinogens, not tested on animals and completely vegan. Even the boxes are printed with vegetable dye!