3" California White Sage Wand


The aromatic herb has been used for centuries as incense and in smudge pots for ceremonial use, thus its common name of white ceremonial sage. In addition to being burned as incense, white sage has medicinal uses. Some Native American tribes used white sage to treat coughs and colds, or added to a sweat bath as a general tonic and fever reliever. Burning leaves have been used to fumigate a house or dwelling after a contagion, and to purify the air during illnesses. White ceremonial sage also has been used as a hair rinse and a deodorant poultice to reduce body odour. It is a very strong anti-inflammatory when taken as a tea or infusion, and may help reduce ulcerative symptoms.

How to burn sage:

You'll want to make sure to use a heat-proof bowl or  shells to hold your smudge stick.

Once you're ready to engage, light the end of the sage bundle until it starts to smoke.
Be sure to light the sage evenly, and — after letting it burn for a few seconds — the flame should go out on its own.

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