4) Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate Crystal Tower Point / Great For Soul Guidance & Being Open To All Love / Eases Anxiety, Stress, Nightmares


Gorgeous Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate druzy crystal tower point

*please note this is the exact crystal you will receive*

Height: 115mm
Width: 30mm
Depth: 23mm

- works with our crown, third eye & heart chakra
- helps you to be open to all love & the guidance of your soul
- eases stress, anxiety & nightmares

Pink Amethyst isn’t only new, but is rare too. It has been found in Patagonia, Argentina the colours are a result of Hematite inclusions. This form of Quartz is closer in its absorption to Amethyst than to either Rose Quartz or Pink Quartz, & is therefore described as Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst connects to the heart, third eye & crown chakras it encourages you to be open to love, as well as being open to the guidance of your soul it helps you to act with a strong sense of Divine love.

Pink Amethyst discharges negative inner energy & emotion from your body it’s also fabulous at tackling stress, anxiety & also nightmares; just pop her on your bedside table or near to your pillow (be careful, she’s delicate) her energies will work with you whilst your sleeping

It's beneficial to 'cleanse' your crystal when you receive it/them. You can do this in a variety of ways; using sage, palo santo, running water (preferably spring water), moonlight or sunlight, just be sure to check your crystals are suitable in water & sunlight, as some are not. I recommend cleansing your crystals at least once a month. If your crystal has been 'active' a lot, or appears hot, cleanse more regularly. Over time, you will just know! You build a little relationship with your crystals, they are like little friends!

Crystals contain energy & natural vibrations, dependent on when, where & how they were made in the world. You don’t technically have to do anything to benefit from crystals. It is beneficial if you love them & care for them, this is pretty simple though you can start by cleansing them with sage every week to release any toxic or negative energies, or you can simply get them out on a full moon & cleanse & charge them in the moonlight

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