200g bag of marble sand used to fill incense bowls


Black and White marble sand for filling Incense Bowls.

A 200g bag of White marble sand - use to fill incense bowls. Made from high quality, White marble sand from the Italian Dolomite's (Alps) - ideal for using in incense bowls.

Washed and kiln dried before packing in a sealed plastic bag. Each bag contains just over 200g.

A 200g bag of fine Black Volcanic Sand used to fill incense bowls.

Volcanic sand is made from the igneous rock Basalt - broken down into tiny sand particles by the action of the sea.

Interesting Fact: Basalt rock has also been found/detected on The Moon, Mars, Venus and Io (the 3rd moon of Jupiter). Suffice to say, our Black Volcanic sand comes from The Earth! It's kiln dried, will hold your sticks upright and absorb any heat from the end of the burning stick.