Black Cast Iron Lotus Flower shape


A Lotus Flower shaped Incense Bowl, perfect for Incense Sticks of all kinds.

A heavy, quality item - ideal for Incense connoisseurs and/or those looking for a nice table piece for the home. This item is good for Incense sticks (and cones) of all kinds - e.g. Japanese, Indian and Tibetan.

Fill with sand and plant incense sticks into the sand/bowl after lighting. Remove the lid and you can use this for Incense Cones too.

Can you melt wax in cast iron?
If you don't have your own wax melter at home, this is perfect for you! Just put this on your stove (gas or electric) on low and it will melt this wax perfectly! What's great is that the cast iron holds heat really well, so it actually keeps the wax melted even after you turn it off!

Product Features:

Weight approx. 315 grams
Approx.65mm Tall (2.5") and 85mm wide (just under 3.5")
Ships in a box with the two elements wrapped in tissue paper
Cast Iron, painted Black