Black haematite cross pendant

Black haematite cross pendant (on 16 inch chain, gift-boxed)
Haematite (sometimes spelled hematite) takes its name from the Greek word haima, meaning blood, because it tends to show red streaks when rubbed against a harder substance. For this reason, it's also sometimes known as bloodstone.
Healers use haematite to cleanse the blood and treat high blood-pressure. It draws out inflammation, eases pain and is particularly good for the liver and kidneys. It's also said to be very grounding, calming and helpful in lifting depression. It's believed to aid intuition, improve the memory, focus the intellect and dissolve negativity.
These pretty cross pendants are cut from polished black haematite, in quite a dainty feminine style, and come on a 16 inch (41cm) silver-plated chain with a locking clasp. 
The actual cross is approximately 22 mm long (just under an inch). Each cross pendant is presented in its own attractive plain gift box.