Crystal pendants - Amethyst


A lovely pendant... and also ideal as a dowsing / divining pendulum.
A 1.25" (30mm) double-pointed crystal wand, mounted in a silver holder, on either a 16" (40cm) silver-plated chain, an 18" (45cm) black cord, or a 30" (75cm) thin black leather thong. Presented in a velvet pouch.
Amethyst is an all-round healer, believed to strengthen the circulatory and immune systems. It has a calming effect and is said to protect the wearer against drunkenness and other addictions.
It purifies and amplifies spiritual and healing energies, balances emotional highs and lows, transforms blocked energies and promotes psychic awareness.

Place on the sixth chakra (the third eye) and visualise yourself breathing in the colour for total emotional soothing. An excellent crystal for meditation.