Decorative wooden incense smokebox, with inlaid brass elephants


Store and burn your incense sticks in style, with these good-looking, slightly rustic, hand-finished wooden smoke-boxes from India.

They're a good size... approximately 12 inches (30cm) long, 2.5 inches (6cm) high and 2 inches (5cm) wide. The front and rear panels are decorated with inlaid brass silhouettes of elephants - typically Indian!

A compartment in the base provides storage space for your incense sticks, while inside you'll find holes in both the end panels to act as incense stick holders, and two metal cups to hold incense cones or dhoops.

Light your incense, close the box, and the smoke drifts gently out through the decoratively pierced lid. (But please note that some incense types may need the lid to be left slightly open, to provide a better supply of air.)