Goloka 7 Chakra incense set - 7 packs of 15 gram incense


Modern science is beginning to recognise the link between mind and body by acknowledgement that our emotional statue can influence our physical health. According to the ancient seers of the Vedic and yogic tradition, the mind and body are more connected. They are inseparably one. Whatever happens in our consciousness instantaneously influences our physiology. Whatever occurs in our bodies, instantaneously influences our mind.

We have within us function points between mind and body, known as Chakra energy points. These centres of vital energy govern the regulation of our life force. When energy is flowing freely through our chakras, we feel grounded, creative, powerful, loving, confident, intuitive and connected. When energy is obstructed in our chakras, we feel constricted and disconnected from our essential nature. Maintaining open chakras and allowing energy to flow without resistance is the key to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Each chakra is a multi dimensional ball of radiant energy. a vortex that constitutes an essential part of the energetic matrix that supports physical body, mind and emotions. Each one is a door that can be opened to greater energetic, psychic and spiritual knowledge. Each of the seven major chakras represents a particular frequency of energy.

Goloka Shat Chakra are made with appropriate fragrance for the individual chakra that has the required effect of clearing and harmonising the energy centre.

The pack contains 7 incense packs, each containing approximately 15 sticks.