Green Moss Agate Choose Your Own Crystal Flat Stones / For New Beginnings / Refreshes The Soul / Improves Self Esteem / Reduces Depression


Green Moss Agate crystal flat stones

- a stone of new beginnings
- refreshes the soul
- improves self esteem

Moss Agate promotes self-expression & communication, along with balancing emotions, releasing fear & stress it refreshes the soul & enables you to see beauty in all things Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather & environmental pollutants. It attracts abundance in wealth & improves self-esteem.

It’s a brilliant crystal to work with if you are feeling depressed or down in the dumps, as it eliminates depression caused by brain imbalances, as well as speeding up recovery from illness

If you’re a midwife, grab a Moss Agate! It assists you by lessening pain & ensuring a good delivery

It's beneficial to 'cleanse' your crystal when you receive it/them. You can do this in a variety of ways; using sage, palo santo, running water (preferably spring water), moonlight or sunlight, just be sure to check your crystals are suitable in water & sunlight, as some are not. I recommend cleansing your crystals at least once a month. If your crystal has been 'active' a lot, or appears hot, cleanse more regularly. Over time, you will just know! You build a little relationship with your crystals, they are like little friends!

Crystals contain energy & natural vibrations, dependent on when, where & how they were made in the world. You don’t technically have to do anything to benefit from crystals. It is beneficial if you love them & care for them, this is pretty simple though you can start by cleansing them with sage every week to release any toxic or negative energies, or you can simply get them out on a full moon & cleanse & charge them in the moonlight

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