Haematite healing bracelet


Haematite (or hematite)  healing unisex bracelet

Haematite (often spelled hematite) takes its name from the Greek word "haima", meaning blood, because it tends to show red streaks when rubbed against a harder substance. 

Healers use haematite to cleanse the blood and treat other blood disorders, including high blood-pressure. It draws out inflammation, eases pain and is particularly good for the liver and kidneys.  It's also said to be very grounding, calming and helpful in lifting depression. It aids intuition, improves memory, focuses the intellect and dissolves negativity.  

Haematite is associated with the sixth and seventh chakras - the third eye and crown. It's also an important gemstone for subduing an over-active first (root) chakra.

These attractive unisex haematite bracelets are said to have various healing properties. They're believed to relieve aches and pains, help speed up the healing of injuries, promote general health and well-being, and help to relieve stress.

The bracelets are made of rectangular cushion-shaped pieces of haematite, roughly 11 x 7mm, each separated by two spherical haematite beads. They're double-strung on elasticated thread, and fit wrist sizes from approximately 15 - 22cm (6 - 9 inches). Each bracelet comes in a simple gift box.

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