Les Encens du Monde | California Sage | 2 twigs


Sage is traditionally used by Native American people in shamanic rituals!

Its fumigation spiritually purifies places, bodies and ritual objects by ridding them of their negative energy.

According to beliefs, it drives out negative thoughts!

Usage tips

California sage twigs easily catch fire. Place it in an incense holder where sand has been previously poured, then light it. Let the flame set, then "blow" the flame with a gust of the hand to extinguish it and let the twig be consumed in the same way as a stick of incense.

More on the ingredients

Sage is used in Native American traditions during the smoke ceremony, during which it is burned to drive away evil spirits, negative feelings and bad vibes.

This California sage of the Salvia apiana variety has been successfully harvested in California.

Effects / why?

"Who has sage in his garden, does not need a doctor" Provencal saying

The etymological meaning of the sage family, Salvia in Latin comes from salvare which means to save. They have been considered since antiquity as "a panacea" which treats many ailments.

This variety has many virtues: its essential oil has antispasmodic and stimulating properties, which make it a valuable ally against temporary depression.

History of this incense

Sage fumigation has been practiced for centuries by Native Americans in rituals of healing and spiritual cleansing. It is used to "wash" a space and rid it of negative waves.