Les Encens du Monde | Copal | 30 gram

Copal Resin, extracted from Bursera spp, releases deliciously lemony aromas. It is conducive to spirituality but it is also known for its protective properties.

The Resins, 100% natural, stimulate feelings, emotions and sensations. This thousand-year-old ingredient of incense is used both to purify the mind and to perfume. They also help with spirituality and meditation.

Usage tips
To be heated in a candle diffuser or on hot coals.

More on the ingredients
Copal is a term from Nahuatl (Aztec) and means "incense". There are different varieties of Copal resin and also tree species from which it is extracted by tapping.

Effects / why?
Copal is fresher than frankincense and is great for chasing negative thoughts. Its aroma would clarify the mind.

History of this incense
Copal was the “food of the Gods” in ancient South American civilizations, and was used in sacred rituals.

Our copal comes from Bursera bippinata, it's white copal.