Les Encens du Monde | Myrrh 50 gram


Somali Myrrh Resin comes from an Arabian shrub (Balsomodendron myrrha or balsam tree). The balsamic and aniseed scents of myrrh invite the awakening of feminine qualities and receptivity. In addition, it brings a greater sensitivity to reality and to the outside world.

The Resins, 100% natural, stimulate feelings, emotions and sensations. This thousand-year-old ingredient of incense is used as well to purify as to perfume. They also help with spirituality and meditation.

Usage tips

It is used alone or in a mixture with other resins, such as frankincense and benzoin. To express the scent of myrrh resin, you have to heat it in a diffuser or burn it on hot coals. Take special charcoals, a tongs and an incense burner or a censer, or even a simple container lined with sand. Ignite the charcoal, put it in its incense burner. Wait for its rim to turn white. Place a few pieces of resin on it.

More on the ingredients

Resin extracted from a shrub native to Arabia (Commyphora myrrha). This resin has always passed with frankincense because it comes from the same semi-desert regions and from trees of the same botanical family. It is one of the main resins identified and used since Antiquity in the various spiritual works of all religions and beliefs. A closely related variety grows in eastern India (Commyphora mukul).

Effects / why?

It soothes the nervous system and calms the body and mind. It promotes spiritual work against emotional disorders, such as fear, sadness, hyperemotivity.

History of this incense 

It is one of the precious offerings brought by the wise men in the bible. But it was already used long before the Christian era and cited by all the great civilizations of the Middle East.

Word of a wise man

"According to tradition, Myrrh resin promotes the awakening of feminine qualities, receptivity and a greater sensitivity to the realities of the outside world."

User word

“I use Myrrh resin for its intense balsamic scent, particularly at the end of the day. Its fragrant, woody and resinous molecules promote relaxation of the body. In my apartment, its smoke spreads and its warm, pleasant and bewitching smell calms instantly. ”