Les Encens du Monde | Olibanum |50 gram


The amber aromas of Olibanum Resin from Somalia, extracted from sacred trees (Boswellia thurifera, Boswellia carteri birdwelia), promote confidence. This resin helps to give determination and the ability to lead.

The Resins, 100% natural, stimulate feelings, emotions and sensations. This thousand-year-old ingredient of incense is used both to purify the mind and to perfume. They also help with spirituality and meditation.

Usage tips 

Heat in a diffuser or burn it over hot coals. Take special charcoals treated with saltpeter, a tongs and an incense burner or a censer, or even a simple container lined with sand. Ignite the charcoal, put it in its incense burner. Wait for its rim to turn white. Place a few pieces of resin on it.

User word

“The use of incense is more discreet nowadays in the Jewish religion. In particular, the synagogue ritual never uses incense. ”