HEM Precious Mogra (Indian Jasmine)

by HEM

Mogra - "The heady fragrance of Jasmine is evocative of a million small white blooms, a scent that is infinitely desirable."

HEM Precious Mogra offers a delicate, floral, and festive fragrance that impacts your mood positively. Since ages, people in India believe that the Mogra fragrance works against the symptoms of insomnia, bronchitis, headache, anxiety, and depression. Mogra as a flower is also a commonplace during religious functions and rituals.

HEM Mogra incense features:

  • Stick count per box will be 20
  • Sticks are approx. 228mm or 9 inches long
  • Burn time per stick is 30 minutes on average
  • The box size is 250mm (L) and 30mm (D)
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients are used in HEM

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