Premium malas


Premium-quality Japa Malas (prayer beads), in a choice of three traditional styles.

Mala is originally the Sanskrit word for a garland - but it is now generally used to describe the prayer-beads used by Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs.

These premium-quality malas consist of 108 beads - one of which (often known as the guru bead) is marked with a decorative tassle (colours vary) - as traditionally used in Tibet, Nepal and India. They're employed for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra - the practice known in Sanskrit as japa.

They're usually worn round the neck, or wrapped several times around the wrist.

(Other names for these beads include: juzu or nenju in Japan, shu zhunian zhu or Fo zhu in China, ba-di in Burma... or the more familiar rosary, in Christianity.)

You can choose from THREE different styles of top-quality japa mala... traditional Tibetan bone beads (8mm beads, overall length 80cm), genuine polished rosewood beads (6-8mm beads, overall length 70cm), or rudhraksha beads (9mm beads, overall length 95cm), the dried seeds of the sacred rudhraksha tree.  (All sizes are approximate, and are for guidance only.)