Pure Incense Classic - Jasmine - 10 gram pack


Jasmine, Luxury Indian Incense Stick by Pure Incense - gentle and sweet.

Jasmine is perhaps the most distinct of all floral scents - ideal for burning in the evening or night-time.

The name Jasmine is derived from the Persian Yasmin which means 'a gift from God' so named because of the intense fragrance of the blooms.

There are over 300 species of the plant that occur mainly in the tropical and warm temperate regions of the world, although a few are found in countries with cold winters. Jasmine essential oil is the natural oil with the most delicate, rich and very beautiful sweet floral aroma, making it a valuable ingredient for many cosmetic products. Jasmine is one of the oldest known and most widely-used botanical scents - found in over 80% of all women's scents and 33% of men's.

Brain scans showed the effect on a chemical called GABA on nerve cells was enhanced by the fragrances and helped soothe, relieve anxiety and promote rest.

Jasmine in Pure Incense's Classic range features:

  • 10 grams of Incense per packet, each stick weighing just over 1 gram
  • Stick count per packet will be between 8 and 10
  • Sticks are approx. 200mm or 8 inches long
  • Burn time per stick is between 40 & 45 minutes on average
  • The box size is 220mm (L) by 60mm (W) and 10mm (D)
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients are used in Pure Incense's products
  • Made in India with devotion

Pure Incense's Luxury Indian Incense, are temple-grade being based on all natural ingredients