Pure Incense Classic - Myrrh - 10 gram pack


Myrrh fragranced, Luxury Indian Incense Stick by Pure Incense.

Myrrh sticks in the Classic range from Pure Incense feature a dark and woody scent with top-notes of a bitter nature.

In common with Frankincense, Myrrh is harvested from a tree (Commiphora molmol) and is a resin which coagulates and dries into hard ‘tears’ after the bark has been cut. Myrrh is produced in many middle-eastern countries including S. Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. Its use has been synonymous with the region for thousands of years as an incense ingredient, a perfume, for medical purposes and for use in embalming.

Another well-known link to the region is Myrrh (like Frankincense) appearing in the Christian Christmas Story (the birth of Jesus). Myrrh as the gift brought by the wise man/King called Balthazar, the King of Tarse and Egypt.

Myrrh in Pure Incense's Classic range features:

  • 10 grams of Incense per packet, each stick weighing just over 1 gram
  • Stick count per packet will be between 8 and 10
  • Sticks are approx. 200mm or 8 inches long
  • Burn time per stick is between 40 & 45 minutes on average
  • The box size is 220mm (L) by 60mm (W) and 10mm (D)
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients are used in Pure Incense's products
  • Made in India with devotion

Pure Incense's Luxury Indian Incense, are temple-grade being based on all natural ingredients