Satya Herbal Incense

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Satya Nag Champa Collection is World Renowned Brand of Incense - Traditionally Made in India - Sandalwood Base and Each Incense Stick is Hand Rolled in the Highest Quality Oils to give the Best of Experience - These are Hand Rolled so each Stick may vary slightly in Thickness

Each scent all have their different uses, for example if you want to fill your home with bright and inviting fragrance, you can use Sandalwood incense. And if you want to boosts your self-confidence, you can use Cinnamon incense.

These incense sticks are hand-rolled so each stick may vary slightly in thickness, which also mean that they are authentically made.

You will get 12 pack of Satya Exotic Herbal incense sticks (Each pack is 15 gram)