The Laughing Buddhaa Celestial Fragrance

The Laughing Buddhaa - Celestial Fragrance

A fragrance for minimal seekers, Celestial Fragrance celebrates the coming of the Maddipal herb native to the Asian subcontinent. Soft, woody and delicate scent. Perfectly balanced for meditation session.

Maddipal (Indian Frankincense) grows in South India and Ceylon. It has balsamic aroma, which is calming and balances the emotions. Made in India.
With a price of £5.99 for 20 handmade sticks.

Celestial Fragrance in The Laughing Buddhaa range features:

• Stick count per box will be 20
• Sticks are approx. 200mm or 8 inches long
• Burn time per stick is between 40 & 45 minutes on average
• The box size is 270mm (L) by 60mm (W) and 10mm (D)
• No chemicals or synthetic ingredients are used in The Laughing Buddhaa’s products