Tibetan Om Zambala sticks


Tibetan Om incense (Zambala) is made in Nepal, and is produced in accordance with the principles described in the Tantric text "Kavavira", which deals with medicinal plants for various health and welfare purposes for humans, as well as for the living environment. 

Zambala incense is of the finest quality, handmade, and 100% natural. The ingredients, according to Buddhist scriptures, come from holy herbs and plants, harvested in deference to nature, then dried and prepared in a traditional way 

The ingredients of Tibetan Om Zambala incense include Juniper, Saffron, Nutmeg, Cardamom, and Sandalwood. These are said to bring abundance and good fortune.

Zambala Tibetan incense sticks come in a brocade (or brocade-effect) covered tube containing 30 eight inch (20cm) long sticks, each burning for around 45 minutes, depending on conditions. (Please note the packaging may vary slightly from that shown in the photo.)

(An explanatory brochure, in various European languages, is included within each tube...)

£4.99 per tube