Yak Brand Tibetan incense gift pack


Manufactured, hand-rolled and packed by exiled Tibetans in India, the five varieties of traditional Tibetan incense in the Green Tara gift pack are credited with a range of healing powers. They have been made in the same way, from pure and natural herbal ingredients, for several hundred years. 

The sticks themselves are like short, fat joss sticks, but without the wooden centre. The aroma is sweet, herbal and evocatively exotic. Each of the five boxes contains, on average, fourteen 6 inch (14.5cm) sticks, each of which burns for approximately 60 minutes, depending on the variety and prevailing conditions.

The five incense varieties, as shown in the photograph, are:- Green Tara, Kailash, Kalachakra, Mila, and Paljor Healing.