The Sacred Elephant Incense

The Sacred Elephant Incense

The Sacred Elephant Incense

The Sacred Elephant incense range is made by monks in the ancient temples of India each stick would be handcrafted with love and care believing that not only the purity of the ingredients mattered but also the state of mind in which it was made.

Just like these Monks, Sacred Elephant believe that making their incense should be an act of devotion. The best natural essential oils and resins are used. Every part of the process from the production of the scents, the blending, the rolling of the final stick and even the packaging is done by hand.

All the ingredients are produced in a fair-trade manner free from any exploitation, are 100% free from any chemicals and carcinogens, not tested on animals and are completely vegan. Even the boxes are printed with vegetable dye!

Incense Man stocks:

All scents come in 10 stick packs for £3.99

Incense Man offers free UK shipping on all orders over £20

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